Things Are Going Quite Well for Me

It is a beautiful place where I am living right now. Of course it is my boss’ place and I have been staying in his guest house. That is about half of a mile from the main house which is enormous and getting larger as they built on a new wing. At any rate I am his wife’s flunky right now. The boss seems to spend a lot of his time on betting web sites or watching games that he has money on. I am here to help plan a wedding with her. Of course I have been doing similar things for the company on regular occasions for a couple of years. At any rate it is a good deal different this way. They are going to have the wedding here, which means that it is not going to be at a hotel. Normally that is how you make things a lot simpler. You pick a place where there they have all of the things that you need, most of all a big kitchen where they can produce the meals.

At any rate I have been getting a big side benefit from this, apparently all of the bridesmaids are quite good looking and there are at least two of them who seem to be in a flirting contest with me in the middle. The first time the two of them were drinking wine and had apparently made some sort of wager between one another. I was concerned about the mother of the bride, who is a real terror when things are not done to her satisfaction. At any way my determination to not get in the sausage grinder seems to have made them more determined to get me hot and bothered. Of course that is simple enough, you just have to make sure I do not lose my job in the process.