The Convenient Black Friday of Betpractice

Betptractice ( one of the best of betting web sites) launches its Black Friday from Wednesday 22 November to Sunday 26 November 2017.The promotion is valid for all new customers who want to know and learn the software that allows you to find the fair value of the share directly on the statistical results of the two teams and to make a probabilistic analysis unmatched on football matches. Basketball odds will also be present soon. The discount on Betpractice subscriptions for Black Friday will be 30% with a considerable savings on the cost of the subscription which is however one of the best on the market as regards the cost / value ratio of the service.Those who want to take advantage of the discount can go directly to the Betpractice services Pricing page and purchase the package chosen with Paypal or Skrill. For example, the annual pass has a VAT cost of £ 190 while with black friday it is possible to have it at a cost of £ 133 including VAT! With the update of the new version in September, Betpractice has a unique version called PRO with a whole series of improvements especially with regards to System Hunter with the filter of the bookmaker shares as Pinnacle and the possibility to test the systems in the past and to have the picks immediately even for future matches with the possibility to receive the alert email soon after reaching the set level.

Please note that:New customers: it is necessary to go directly to the page Costs services and choose one of the subscriptions for the chosen duration or 1/3 / 12 monthsCurrent Pro version customers: they must log into the reserved area of the software and choose the renewals they want. Prices are already discounted.Current customers with old version: they must send an email to with username and email, days remaining and write what is the duration of the subscription they choose. The days of the old subscription are counted and discounted and a renewal discount coupon is generated.